Campa Tennis Club

Fed Cup 2016, Surface Evolution for champions

The Ukraine and Argentinean world tennis team champions challenged each other on a Casali Sport court during the 2016 FED CUP, the most prestigious international women’s tennis tournament, played outdoors from 16 -17 April 2016 at the Campa Tennis Club, in Bucha (Kyiv, Ukraine). Casali’s Surface Evolution system was used to lay the Campa Tennis Club court (Court Pace Rating ITF 2 – Medium-Slow), a sports surface characterised by outstanding elasticity, thanks to the special intermediate rubber granule cushioning layer. The inside area of the 648 sq.m.court was finished in Casali Light Blue 302 colour, while the external area was finished Casali Green 201 colour. After 4 years, the Surface Evolution court inaugurated in 2012 proved to be the perfect choice for an internationally important tournament like the FED CUP. Yet further proof of the exceptionally high quality of Casali surfaces which ensure the same high level of sport’s performance in time.

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