SMG Equipments

Since 1975 SMG has been dealing with the development of modern machinery for the installation of synthetic surfaces in the sports industry. Also for the maintenance of artificial turf or carpets with granule infilling SMG has already presented the world‘s first innovations since the 80s. For about 40 years SMG has been offering a unique range of machinery. As a pioneer in the special sector „synthetic sports surfaces and artificial turf“ SMG disposes of recognized competence and experience since decades. Ask us – we know what is possible

We offer SMG equipments for sale and provide the SMG equipments for installation and maintenance. The maintenance and cleaning features of the SMG machines meet the suggested maintenance guidelines of the grass suppliers, UEFA and FIFA.The most of the SMG machines can also do the necessary basic and deep cleaning. Machines for non-infilled artificial turf e.g. hockey pitches complete the product range.

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