extra-grassXtraGrass is a natural grass turf reinforced with artificial fibres to give a winning formula of great natural grass playability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear. Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrass is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system which provides the flexibility to adapt to the unique differences that exist at every location. It is the perfect solution for clubs that find it difficult to maintain a natural grass pitch but do not want, or are not permitted, to play on a 100% artificial turf.

The XtraGrass system can be easily installed on site, requiring only standard pitch installation equipment and utilising a high proportion of local labour. It typically takes the same length of time to install as a standard grass pitch.  However, for those clubs in a hurry, XtraGrass is also grown offsite and can be playable within days of installation. This has enormous advantages for clubs who need to partially or completely re-turf their pitch mid season.


XtraGrass is developed inspired by nature and is 100% recyclable.


(From left to right – Natural Grass, Artificial Xtra Grass)

XtraGrass Characteristics

  1. Natural grass grows through a woven synthetic turf fabric
  2. Fibres are natural turf colour & protect the grass roots & root zone
  3. Fibres are woven into a biodegradable backing with open structure. Allows normal maintenance

XtraGrass Benefits

  1. Durability: up to 800 hours per year
  2. Flexibility: product can be harvested &  installed as turf
  3. Maintenance: normal maintenance is not a problem
  4. Playability: no hardness which is a key problem with reinforced surfaces

extra-grass02 extra-grass01

Arena Coventry Ground where Xtra Grass in installed