Hockey now days is played completely on artificial grass turfs. Hockey as a sport is fast paced. It requires higher ball control, true ball roll and low ball bounce which has made it compulsory for the game to be played on the synthetic turfs.

Artificial grass is the standard substrate for hockey games. Edel Grass has been a ‘player’ from the outset, and is pleased to share its decades of expertise. We have many artificial turf options ranging from simple, sand-filled systems to our top water-based pitches.

Using a highly advanced “knit-d-knit” technique to create micro-curled yarns for unrivalled, long lasting ball roll predictability and reduced stick slide resistance, while applying over 1.5 million monofilaments per m². Edel Grass is the absolute summit of FIH Global (water based) systems in the world!

Product Characteristics

  • Unrivalled ball speed
  • Perfect ball roll predictability
  • High wear and tear , long lasting
  • Reduced Light reflection
  • Special engineered backing sun base
  • Low or no H2O (only 4-6m3 water usage)
  • The pitch can be played on both wet and dry conditions with same durability
  • In dry condition the system still meets the FIH Global Standards
  • Unique knit-d-knit technology
  • Tufted in line markings
  • Hard-wearing
  • UV-Stable
  • Low Friction Coefficient


  • Professional hockey stadiums
  • Amateur level hockey
  • Training facilities
  • Multipurpose

Ancillary Works

  • Ancillary works
  • Floodlighting systems
  • Fencing systems
  • Water irrigation systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Sports equipments

Our Prominent Hockey Ground Installations

  • NCA Hockey Stadium- Pune
  • KSHA Hockey Stadium– Bangalore
  • Anna Stadium,Trichy ,Kerala
  • Imphal Hockey Stadium- Manipur